10 principles of Feng Shui for the harmony of your bedroom

uHarmony in the bedroom is a guarantee for a good rest. According to the Chinese calendar, this year is the Rat Year. So, in this article, we’d like to share 10 Chinese Feng Shui principles.

The practice of Feng Shui is related to Chinese philosophical ideas and astrology. The Western world mainly focuses on its insights willing to achieve Zen that is desired by so many people.

It is believed that Feng Shui may not only create an atmosphere for a great rest but also enrich the relationship between two people. If you are single, this practice may bring you love. So, what are the key elements to start from?

  1. If possible, the bedroom should be located as far away from the entrance door as possible — this way, a sense of security stability may be created.
  2. Each house should have its tree of money. The best place for it definitely is a bedroom. The money tree helps to circulate the energy better.
  3. The interior of your bedroom should have at least a few pink or/and red-colored details. These colors help to strengthen the relationship between partners.
  4. If you are single but have a feeling that you are ready for a new relationship, decorate your bedroom imagining that you have your significant other. The symmetry in the room is something you should care about. For example, put night tables on both sides of the bed, lit two candles instead of one, etc.
  5. Avoid sleeping with your toes facing the door (especially in one line). According to Chinese philosophy, this position may take your vital energy. If there’s no possibility to avoid it, the bed should have a footrest that may stop the energy from escaping through the door.
  6. It may sound strange, but, according to Feng Shui, all the details in the bedroom should have rounded corners. Sharp lines are treated as poisoned arrows that are definite energy killers.
  7. The mess in the bedroom may also interfere with the circulation. However, putting the things under the bed is not an option as it brings the stagnation to our lives.
  8. Few books on the night table create Zen. However, the bedroom shouldn’t be filled with books that you are planning to read someday. It may subconsciously disturb your quality sleep.
  9. One more crucial aspect of this Chinese lifestyle is lightening. Use blind curtains in your bedroom that will keep dark at night and help spread the light in the morning after opening them.
  10. A huge mirror in the bedroom is not the best idea doesn’t matter the place. It mirrors the energy that the room consists of and interrupts the rest. If the mirror is already in your room, it’s better to cover it during the night.

If you take into consideration even a few of these tips, the quality of your rest may improve a lot. Furthermore, your sleep may be improved by some more less magical yet practical points that may be found here.

By the way, according to Chinese beliefs, your bedroom should have at least one piece of art that represents the current year. Do you have anything artsy and cozy showcasing a rat? :)


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