5+1 original ideas for Valentine’s day

Some people love this celebration and pay lots of attention for it. Others act completely different. There are also those that take this day simply as one more occasion to make the loved ones happy. We’ve gathered some ideas that may help make Valentine’s day a bit different this year. You won’t find a dinner and good movie duo in this article for sure.

Create a tradition

Give your beloved one a gift of tradition that may help make him or her happy even more often. For example, if Valentine’s day is on Friday this year, bring flowers for your significant other each Friday. Whereas he or she can make you breakfast every Friday. These are small things that make our life.

Bring back the memories of the beginning of your story

Movie and dinner is probably one of the most popular duo for the Valentine’s day. However, there are so many ways of spend the day differently! Try remembering meeting each other for the first time or your first official date. Maybe it was the dinner but have you ever tried to go to the same place you’ve eaten together for the first time? Try to remember everything and it will definitely bring you and your significant other lots of joy.

Listen and fulfill

Probably your partner all the time dreams about something and talks about it. Listen to him or her and help him achieve the dreams when the right occasion arises. Such things may make your partner double-happy: he or she will get something that he or she really needs knowing that you listen to the wishes.

Try out something new together

Shared experiences are a key to strong relationships. Sometimes hard moments make the connection stronger. Sometimes adventures, travels and new experiences can do the thing as well. So, choose an activity for this Valentine’s day which is totally new for both of you. It can be a shooting range, parachute jump, dinner in the dark, horse riding - anything you can imagine.

Secret messages

If you wish to surprise your significant other without big spendings, take some cards and write down the reasons why you love him or her. Before the sleep put them separately in the places that your partner will see in the morning: in the bathroom, cup that he or she drinks her morning coffee from, in the pockets or near the car keys. You can put the most important shared memories on the cards, too. Evening with loads of candles, talks and laugh reminding unforgettable moments together sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?


If Valentine’s day is not something you are impressed about, create a celebration for others. Visit retirement homes and bring some delicious goodies for those that don’t have their significant other anymore. This experience will make other people happy and will your relationship even more stronger. It’s so good to do good things together!


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