7 tips for a good start of the day


„If you win morning, you win the day.“
writer and entrepreneur Timothy Ferriss


It’s said that the quality of the day depends on the way you start it. It’s a no brainer that morning routine has a tremendous impact not only on the mood of the day but also on the happiness in general. Therefore, how would you need to spend your morning to ensure that every day is sweet and full of happy moments?

Wake up and get up. The science of sleep has proven that waking up and getting up immediately is way more healthy than turning off your alarm every two minutes in frustration.

Drink enough fluids. Clearing up a body from the inside is needed as much as from the outside. Some people choose a glass or two of water. By the way, warm water is even more beneficial. Others add the taste by adding a slice of lemon or a kind of superfood, for example, spirulina.

Workout. Working out even for 10 minutes or 20-30 minutes-lasting meditation may be significantly beneficial for your health. It heals not only a body but also a soul. The most crucial condition is being consistent. You’ll find out that you can no longer live without it very soon.

Take a shower. After waking your soul up with the help of workout, it’s no less essential to refresh your body. Take a shower or bath every morning, even though you don’t have plans to, for example, wash your hair. Contrast shower works even better! It not only refreshes the body but also sets the right mood for a whole day.

Living the moment. Being “here and now” is a life practice that leads to fulfilment and happiness. It may sound incredible, but 5 deep breaths have the power to stay at the moment and forget about unnecessary thoughts about past and future.

Manifestation. Think about the goals of the day every time while having breakfast or a cup of morning coffee. You can even write them down. Such manifestation will help you reach the goals you are striving for.

The first task. From all the responsibilities of the day, choose one that takes less time than the others (up to 5-10 minutes) and make it your first thing to do. It will be a great start of the day! Let’s go!

By the way, did you know that the research made by “21dayhero” (they’ve analyzed 60 famous and successful actors, leaders, entrepreneurs and writers), it revealed that: 

  • 90 % of them do not start their mornings by reading the latest news on their phones.
  • 50% of them wake up at 7 am. or even earlier.
  • 89% of them eat breakfast.

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