9 Home Interior Trends for Autumn/Winter

The amount of sunlight is declining rapidly, and trips to warm countries are not expected to happen soon, so the natural question is, who will keep us warm this autumn and winter? It is not difficult to predict that in the next six months we will spend much more time at home. So how to renovate your home for this season?


This year, it has become even more popular to turn a home into a place where it’s not only good to come back after work, but also to work. The trend of 2020 is, undoubtedly, multifunctional spaces, where the kitchen or a closet, thanks to creative solutions, becomes an office during working hours, and after that continues to perform its usual function.

Gorgeous textiles

Fluffy decor in a vase, fabric wall ornament, pillows of different patterns, a new queen of the bedroom - bedding, a rug with exotic motifs - these are just a few of the ideas on how to quickly renew the interior with the help of textiles.

Carpet as a centre of a room

The tradition from the East, where most important actions at home take place wherever is a carpet, finds its significance in modern western interiors as well. It is probably not even worth mentioning that oriental rugs with small motifs, as of right now, are the most popular. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate your own?

Pale colours

Colours are absolutely a matter of taste, but each year some are still more glorified than others. This cold season, it seems that we will notice more shades of caramel, cinnamon and terracotta in the offer of home interior goods. Also, we will probably see more pale than bright tones.

Environmentally friendly fireplace

As in fashion, so in the interior, in order to be at the forefront of trends, you need to take care not only of yourself, but also of the environment. Therefore, even a seemingly innocent element such as a traditional fireplace, which emits a lot of harmful substances into the air, in 2020 is replaced by a bio fireplace. In addition, the bio fireplace can be placed anywhere in the house, and rather quickly.

Sustainable materials

Continuing the theme of sustainability, life-resistant materials have been at the top of the charts for some time now, and they remain so this season: scratch-resistant surfaces, textiles that are easy to clean, washable wall paints and many other (sustainable) materials become a priority when choosing new additions to your home.

Quality bedding

Especially now that we spend even more time at home, and probably in bed, than before, high-quality, anti-allergic, natural fabric bedding is not only a litmus test for luxury homes, but also the most practical idea for renovating a bedroom space.

Garden at home

Sometimes it’s even hard to believe the impact our relationship with nature has on our well-being. The search for it has become especially important for people living in the city, who spend most of their time staring at screens. Therefore, today, as never before, more and more interior ideas are emerging, which materialize into plant walls, botanical gardens at home, exotic plant terrariums.


If you’re interested in what patterns are most popular right now, that would be abstractions. Yes, works of art move into interiors and thus abstractions spread everywhere: from dishes to bedding, from carpets to walls. Abstract harmony of colours and shapes gives the interior the mood of an "artistic" home and, of course, individuality.

What is already really going out of fashion

Perfection, when the interior is reminiscent of a glamorous magazine cover.

Open shelves, when, for example, all utensils are visible in the kitchen.

Cold shades, for now the interior is dominated by their opposite.

Wall-accents, when there is one standout among all the walls (from stones, mosaics, etc.).


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