9 tips to make your bed for a high-quality sleep

A well-known proverb says one‘s sleep depends on the way the bed is made. Poor quality sleep is conditioned by many different reasons. The poor quality sleep finally causes different health disorders. It is therefore vital to find perfect solutions to help recover sweet sleep.  

Poor quality of sleep may result from different reasons – from health issues to the work-related stress, late dinner or night work, from the so-called jet lag to an ill-aired room.  

Taking into consideration at least some of the below-listed tips should help balance both the sleep and the quality of life. So shall we raise an aim for this month to seek for everyday wellness!

An alarm clock, reminding it’s time to… go to sleep

The time we go to sleep is usually even more important than the time we get up. So, let’s set our alarm clocks to remind us the correct time to go to bed every evening.    

Duly preparation in the evening means a less stressful morning

To relieve the stress in the morning and to reduce unwillingness to start the day, duly prepare for it in the evening. It takes 15 minutes to consider your outfit and schedule for tomorrow and to pack your necessities.   

Sense the forthcoming rest

Meditation is as healthy, as it is trendy. Meditation comforts your mind and body, relieves the stress generated during the day and facilitates smooth sleep. As an alternative to meditation, consider depicting your daily impressions or the moments to be thankful for in a diary.

Reading books before sleep

Did you know that six minutes of reading a book before sleep may cut your daily stress in half? However reading digital sources of information may impede the quality of sleep! Therefore make a right choice when considering, what to read.   

The room fitted for sleep

Sleeping hygiene is of vital importance to the high-quality sleep, therefore avoid uncomfortably high or low room temperatures. The darker and quieter the room, the better.  

Comfortable bed - half of the success

The bed inviting to lie down and rest has a major impact to the quality of sleep. Bed sheets of natural fibre and calming colours and pattern, comfortable and high-quality mattress and a convenient pillow ensure half of the success to the good sleep.

Prepare your body for sleep

Personal hygiene is also of vital importance. Besides of taking a bath and brushing your teeth, it is important to avoid overeating, smoking or consuming alcohol before going to sleep. All the above mentioned silent enemies may impede your sleep.

Say “no” to the naps during the day

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, say “no” to the privilege to take naps during the day (so-called power naps). Even though it is brief and efficient, it may impede your falling asleep routine in the evening

Having trouble sleeping?

If you do not succeed to fall asleep within the next 15 minutes, quit trying and give it a shot a moment later. Get up, meditate or read a book, and in some 15 minutes try falling asleep again.  

Sleeping is something we do since we’re born, still the older we are, the worse our sleep may get. So let’s improve the quality of our sleep. Have a good night!


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