Bed sets could change the interior of your bedroom

If you wish your bedroom to be filled with harmony and compatibility of colors, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the colors of the floor, walls, and furniture but also to the colors and patterns of your bedding set. It is proved that colors have a significant influence on our mood and general feeling. Furthermore, the bedding set takes quite a lot of space in the room, so its color can make your interior complete. However, the wrong choice can "ruin" it.
While creating the interior of a bedroom, usually it is not that easy to think about all the small details - the color of the bedding set is probably the last thing we think about. What is the best to do in such case?
Recommendations for one-colored bedding sets:
- If the walls and furniture of the room are white or grey and the floor is in the color of wood, white or grey, any color will suit bedroom like this. Choose the one according to your taste.
- If the walls and furniture of the room are white or grey, but furniture and floor are colored in brighter colors, it is recommended to avoid brown color. It may cause a problem - too many tones of brown. It is not so easy to harmonize those tones. All other colors may fit just tremendously and become a unique addition to the neutral interior.
- If there are various colors in your interior (for example, extraordinary wall or pictures, paintings on it), it is recommended to choose the color of the bedding set matching the color of the art. This way your bedroom may be dynamic and " alive."

If you wish for the wall or painting to remain as a primary accent of your room, choose a neutral bedding set - white, grey or light brown. Surely you can choose a bit more complicated way by choosing harmonious or contrasting color to the wall or painting. A two-colored set will work just great, too.
I have a bedding set in a bluish green color as I love the blue color. My bed and night tables are in shade of black / dark brown; the floor is grey, and the walls are creamy ones, all colors would work well. However, I wanted exactly that one. I choose green and blue accents for the room, and I'm also trying to make my interior warmer by adding long hair rug and delicate plaid.

Thinking about bedding set with patterns?
Recommendations for colors stay the same as mentioned above. Patterned bedding sets usually consist of two colors or more, that's why it is not recommended to add any additional colors (of course, if you feel confident enough about your feeling of style - go ahead). However, the choice of patterns is usually the most complicated part. Pay attention if they are classic (Damasco, greedy, greenery patterns) or modern (geometric forms). Furthermore, analyze if the pattern is significant or minor - the large one is more visible and needs to have a neutral background.
If your bedroom is more classic or modern classic, it's recommended to choose patterns of that style, too. For example, having Damasco-patterned wallpapers, bedding set of the same pattern would be the best option. It's highly recommended not to have more than one colorful and patterned accents in the room.
Several high-quality bedding sets may be enough to continually change the interior of your bedroom. For example, you may "cool down" your room having a blue satin set, whereas during the winter time using warm-colored bed sheets may be a great decision. Women tend to rely on their intuition and mood, so it would be beneficial to have some sets in various colors, materials, and patterns to be ready for the upcoming spirit to change the interior. Sometimes it's all we need! If in need to have something unique, you can always take cushion covers from another bedding set.

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