Is it getting too hot to sleep? Tips to refresh yourself

We always wait for hot summer days and warm evenings. However, if hot weather becomes a reason for bad sleep and hard mornings, it's high time to search for ways to make warm night time more pleasant.

We want to share a few tips from DREAMON for your August nights:

- Let the airflow into your bedroom from different sides before going to sleep - open up your doors and windows;

- Put your warm blanket aside - leave it for colder nights. We recommend using only a sheet from your bedding set instead.

- Choose a linen or cotton bedding set. These are the best options that help your body cool down;

- Few hours before going to bed left? Avoid eating and drinking alcohol;

- Few minutes before the sleep take a refreshing shower;

- Turn on the fan and put a bowl of ice cubes in front of it. This way the air will get colder;

- Always bring a glass of water with you and put it next to your bed. It will refresh you whenever you get awake;

- Did you know that single people sleep better during the hot summer nights?

- Last option that may help if all other ones fail - put your blanket or at least your pillow in the freezer. You'll at least fall asleep in a colder bed.

We are pretty sure that sleeping in a room with a conditioner sounds like a way better option. However, these practical tips helped our ancestors sleep well, so they should work for us too, right? Night night!


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