Bedroom makeover: classy tips and hottest trends

Can you imagine that in bed we spend around 33 years of our life? This number is way more significant than the time we spend on other rituals and hobbies. However, it is noticed that our bedroom gets less attention than the workspace, living room, kitchen, and even bathroom. Have you thought about giving more attention, creativity, and love for your temple of relaxation?

Today high budget makes it extremely easy to do almost everything but is it possible to create a dream space that will help to chill and relax on a lower budget? “Dreamon” can assure you - it’s possible. We want to share five ways how to renew your bedroom on a lower budget and make sure that space, where we spend most of our time, gets the proper attention.

Clothes. No money needed for that; however, it creates a triple effect! Try to ensure that your clothes, socks or other clothing items are not laying on the ground, chairs or your bed. All of them need to be placed in a wardrobe. This way, your room will look bigger, neater and it would be even easier to breathe in such a clean space — free tip for a massive effect.

Scent. Even the most expensive home scents will not help you if there is not enough oxygen in the room. Don’t forget to let in the fresh air. After that, we recommend to try on essential oils: lavender, sandalwood, jasmine or the one you love the most. 10-15 drops are enough to be mixed with the almond (or similar) oil. Of course, there are more pricy alternatives such as home scents, candles with essential oils, bedding sprayers with natural ingredients and many more.

Art. Sometimes a piece of art can change the room even more than the new color of the walls or long-awaited new furniture. It can be everything from a painted picture, reproduction to large photos - It’s all up to your taste and financial situation. If it’s not so easy to change the view from your window, renewing the look on the walls is definitely a great alternative. By the way, have in mind that bedroom illustrations need to be emotional as little as possible. That’s why it’s recommended to place the photos of your beloved ones in other rooms.

Plants. If you are not living by nature, bring nature to your home. Greenery may bring peace and oxygen to your bedroom and make it cozier and more charming. Hard to decide which plants may fit the best? We recommend aloe, dracaena, and geranium - these will bring harmony to your temple, but it’s not a rule, choose whatever you like. However, it would be better to avoid lilies, ferns and climbing plants.

Bedding. Buying the new bedding set definitely is the easiest way to renew your bedroom. However, this option is not the cheapest one for sure. That’s why it is getting more and more popular to change the bedding set part by part, for example, purchase patterned pillowcases that may fit your one-colored set just perfectly. Looking for even more subtle way to renew the room? Lovers of minimalism may change only a bedsheet choosing more cheerful and colorful one. Only you will see it, but it brings some special charm, isn’t it?

Did you know that:

● It is recommended to wash the bedsheet once a week. Furthermore, it would be great not to make your bed just after waking up - let it, and a mattress ventilate a bit (for example, during the shower time).

● If you wish to wipe out the bacterias and body cells from the bedding set, it is recommended to wash it in 60 degrees water temperature.

● The blanket (synthetic or suede) needs to be washed at least twice a year and renewed every five years. It is recommended to purchase new pillows every two years.

Article by - Inga Norke

Foto credid - Deimantė Dubauskaitė

Stylist - Ieva Bagdonaitė


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