Bedroom Textile Trends For 2018

Rich and luxurious colors - for those who are are not the admirers of Scandinavian minimalism, it is recommended to choose rich and luxurious colors. Tropical patterns It's not a secret that podium trends easily transfer to the details of the home interior. The same happened to tropical patterns. Exotic plants, fruits, birds - those are the patterns trending not only in fashion collections but also in our homes. Greenery From the trend mentioned above comes one of the most popular colors of the year, which is quite easy to adopt in your bedroom. It's enough to renew your bedding set or even only some cushions. By the way, researches show that green tones have a relaxing impact on our brain. Perfectly imperfect Japanese vabi sabi (eng. beauty in imperfection) philosophy talks about the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Vabi sabi is all about minimalism and incompleteness. "This philosophy can be easily adopted while choosing a bedding set for your room. For example, deciding to get an imperfectly perfect linen set without the thoughts about ironing it"- says DREAMON bedding set creators from Lithuania. Individuality You can achieve absolute individuality and uniqueness in your bedroom by choosing additional accessories. For example, your cushions can have different colors, forms, size and even textures. This way your room will look exclusively. Minimalism Minimalistic interior has been a definite trend for some years already, and it is undoubtedly going to stay. For the admirers of this philosophy, it is recommended to choose one-colored or strict geometrical forms-containing dappled satin or linen bedding set.

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