Does a perfect bathroom towel exist?

ugneExtreme summer heat outside results in taking a shower numerous times a day. It takes more time of our day than usual. That’s why the role of quality pleasant-to-touch towel increases and becomes an essential part of our routine.

It’s a no brainer that we can buy towels (as well as many other household items) almost in any closest grocery store. However, those who search for quality, sustainability, and aesthetics may spend more time looking for it. Have in mind that big and soft towel may not be the best choice. So, what kind of bathroom towel may be called a perfect one, and how to make the right choice?

Weight reveals quality

Quality towels always have a “gsm” note that represents grams per square meter. The higher “gsm” number, the longer a towel may sustain. According to textile experts, a valuable bathroom towel needs to have more than 500 gsm.

Textile that is loved the most

Cotton, micro cotton, linen, bamboo fiber, and others are materials that almost all bathroom towels are made of. However, the ones that are produced from 100% cotton are the most popular choice. For sure, it’s not for nothing - such towels absorb moisture just perfectly, are pleasant to touch and last longer than others.

Density and size are important

Good quality towel made from cotton is dense - that’s why its base shouldn’t be visible unless it’s a part of the pattern. The size of a bathroom towel is no less critical. DREAMON offers towels in size 160x100 cm that is a perfect fit for all, even those who are of a more significant composition or tall.

Price is not a decisive quality indicator

Quality bathroom towel may cost the number of three-digits depending on the size of the towel. However, it doesn’t indicate that such an expensive one is three times better than cheaper ones.

Thus, take a look at the price later on. Focus on the criteria mentioned above as they will help you choose a long-lasting, quality, and soft bathroom towel. We believe that you find it essential what touches your body, so choose wisely!



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