Flax 2018 Collection

French flax linen: gently wrinkled, drowsy, soft and gently aged fabric filled with timeless elegance and quality. Linen has a parallel with humans. The fabric breathes, reacts to the temperature of our skin and surroundings. It absorbs rain just as the ground. Despite getting softer after every wash, linen fabric is antibacterial and 2-3 times stronger than cotton. New DREAMON Flax collection comes to the bedroom with the smell of Provence fields, blue sky and lavender petals in colors of butterfly pink, blue and creamy white. It fits just perfectly with dancing draperies, natural wooden furniture, grandmother's tales and gently sour apple juice. Linen fabric may also be the best companion for music playing from vinyl records, awakening city behind the window and old books. Linen is going to integrate into your house just perfectly and gently. Flax Collection SS18. Your skin is going to love it.

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