Get to know linen material in the middle of summer heat

The fiber has a deep history - it was beloved by Cleopatra, Jaqueline Kennedy, ladies in IV century, hippies, and countless brides that lived in the middle of the century. It was, unfortunately, forgotten for some time and only in the XXI century it came back with a bang, unlike any other material. It became a highly appreciated fiber not only in the fashion sphere but also in home decor.

Versatility of linen

As we’ve already said, linen fabric found its place not only in the collections of famous designers such as Paul Smith, Valentino or Victoria Beckham but also in the home interiors.

These days nobody will doubt that linen beddings, tablecloths, napkins, towels, plaids are only a rich heritage from a grandmother. Linen is an essential part of a cozy modern home that values natural materials, aesthetics, and functionality.

Modern designs put together with the main qualities of linen ensures that such items have become one of the most desired ones, especially in the summer period. But why?

Natural and sustainable

Linen is 100% natural fabrics. Even though it takes loads of time and effort to produce it, linen material doesn’t have any harmful effects on our nature and doesn’t provide any waste.

Absorbs liquids

During the hot days, the material dispels moisture and helps to maintain the same body temperature. Whereas in the winter it helps to warm up.

Material that “breathes”

One more quality of the linen is air permeability that helps to reduce sweating and ensures that your body is cooled enough.

Antibacterial qualities

Linen has antibacterial qualities and prevents the microbes from spreading. This characteristic is the most valuable at home. For example, linen kitchen towels don’t contain microbes.

Strength of the material

Linen fiber is solid and doesn’t need a lot of care. That’s the reason why items made from linen will stay with you much longer than other textile products.

Dries quickly

This quality is beneficial not only wearing linen items during hot summer days but also having linen towels or only one bedding set at your home. You can wash the set and use it the same day for good night sleep.

Visually appealing

While producing the material with the help of modern technologies, linen fabric is bleached, dyed, and softened by washing. It results in an aesthetically, beautiful textile that gets more and more attention and recognition.


Linen is three times stronger than cotton. Its thermal conductivity is five times higher than wool and even 18 times higher than silk.


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