How often should the bedding be changed?

We can already feel the Spring outside, but it surely is the time of the year when the feeling of freshness is something we want to experience inside our home as well as out. The most convenient place to start is the room where we spend the most significant part of our time - the bedroom.

There are not many rewards after the hard day better than amazingly smelling and fresh bedding set. However, somehow it happens that usually, we forget it. The most common reason is pure laziness. Who does dream about changing the bedding set after the long and tiresome day, right? But have you heard that:

  • It’s recommended to change the bedding set once a week.
  • If you don’t plan to start a botanical garden in your bed, we recommend washing bedding sets at 60 degrees. It’s the best temperature to destroy all bacterias.
  • Pillowcases need to be washed even more often - every 2-3 days (by the way, it’s the best way to ensure sleeping in a fresh bed without changing all bedding set.
  • A blanket of a bed is recommended to be washed every 2-3 weeks.
  • Pillows need to be laundered every half a year and changed every 2-3 years.

WHY? It may seem that the cost of eternal spring is quite a high one and requires loads of effort. However, the reasons for that are significant. Here are the main ones:

  1. All people sweat during their sleep (some more, others less) and this way body fat and other liquids are released and simply soak into the bedding set.
  2. Can you imagine that after a year or two, one-third of your pillow’s weight consists of spits of dead skin? It really does, that’s why it is inevitable to not only wash the pillows but also carefully dry them in the sun and shake thoroughly.
  3. Your blanket is an easy-to-reach shore for dust mites, fungus and other bacteria to lay down and harm you in shape of various allergies and diseases.

Additional tips that may make the life of people passionate about cleanliness easier:

  • Ironing of bedding is needed not only for the aesthetic purposes but also for ensuring that all bacterias are gone. However, if this routine, to put it mildly, is not your favorite one, we’ve got some good news for you - leave your bedding dry in the sun. This way, the microorganisms will be effectively killed.
  • If you wish to have bedding that is fresh every day, don’t be in a hurry to make up your bed. While having your morning routine, simply leave your bedding untouched and open the windows - let the fresh air from the outside soak in.
  • It is practical to have a few bedding sets and rotate them each time - this way they serve you way longer. Furthermore, the design of bedding sets may be totally different from each other and, this way, your bedroom will always feel somehow new.
  • One more thing that cannot be forgotten: do not accumulate dirty bedding sets - wash them as soon as you take them off. By the way, it may become a ritual of you! While the bedding set washes, you can treat yourself with the facial mask or read a book with a cup of tea.

That’s how taking care of your comfortable sleep may become an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with yourself outside the bedroom.


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