How to surprise woman on March 8th?

To make the Women's Day joyful for HER but smooth for YOU, we’ll share a few brilliant ideas how you can surprise your woman without spending much but that she keeps a pleasant memory for days to come.

How to find out what your woman truly likes?

We’ll reveal all cards straight away – there’s a simple way to know what she likes! During the next few days, pay close attention to what your women shares (or has shared before) on social media. Also, listen carefully what things does she keep mentioning when she talks with you? What does she like to buy for herself?

Leaving a long-lasting impression for a woman is simple. And there’s definitely no need to spend a huge amount of money. In fact, the most valuable gift can be super tiny, or even free.

Here are some ideas for you:

▪ bring her some fresh flowers (maybe not roses this time? After all, spring is the season of tulips 🌷);

▪ order her lunch with a delivery to her workplace;

▪ wash and vacuum her car, fill windshield washer fluid for her;

▪ bring her favorite coffee (even from Circle K if that’s her favorite);

▪ go for a walk together in the evening;

▪ do something that she’s usually in charge of at home (make the bed, make her coffee or breakfast);

▪ if your woman has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy something she really wants, demonstrate to her that you hear her – surprise her with a gift card of that place and create that opportunity to buy what she strongly wishes for;

▪ gift something aesthetic that she can decorate the interior of your home with (for example, candles of impressive shapes, stylish magazines, or books);

▪ buy your woman the face mask she just loves (or buy one of a new brand) – you’re gifting her a chance to relax, and that is what’s most important here;

▪ make her life just a little bit sweeter – bring her some luxurious handmade sweets that are simply irresistible.

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