How to survive the quarantine and even make some improvements?

We dislike the rhythm and control so much, nevertheless, we miss it very much, in case we lose it!

Now is not only the time when we need to reorganise the rhythm of our lives, but also to reorganise ourselves as a personality with all the wishes and whims. However, it is also a possibility to stop and take a deeper look into ourselves. In order for everything to go on smoothly and not to get lost in our own laziness, delayed works and failed to implement duties, it is recommended to follow several main principles of routine.

The principle of sleep

In the morning when it is no longer necessary to hurry performing all the routine works and to run out of the door, we face a temptation to linger in the cosy beddings longer. Nevertheless, in the long run this might impede our daily productivity, motivation and finally disturb our sleep rhythm. Even though you will spend more time sleeping, you will also start feeling more and more drowsy, tired, it will require more and more effort to make yourself engage in some activity. Therefore, it is very important to retain the rhythm, even if some “coercive measures” are required.

The principle of beauty and hygiene

The question of one Muslim woman living in the United Arab Emirates got stuck in my head for a long time: “Is it more important for you to look beautiful in front of hundreds unknown people on the street or in front of your closest people at home?” Of course, first of all you must look beautiful for yourself. For whom else – you may reply yourself. Nonetheless, one thing is obvious – quarantine at home should not turn into complete negligence among four walls. Therefore, the tangled hair, the spotted blouses and overstretched trousers should be replaced by wavy hair, restrained with a different accessory every day, sexy leggings and a blouse tied at the navel. It seems like there is not much of a difference, but at the same time the difference is essential.

The principles of working at home

A few basic pieces of advice for working at home: 1. Every day compose a rather precise plan of works for that day. 2. Do not plan more than you can accomplish (did you know that postponing the works to another day demotivates?). 3. Make an objective assessment of how much time does every single work require. 4. Single out priority works, i.e. first of all undertake the works which bring the biggest results. 5. Do not forget that the most important works are not always the most pressing in respect of time! 6. Within the context of the current situation do not ask yourself “can I?”, but instead “how can I?” (Can I make it happen? How can I make it happen?). 7. Plan not only your works, but also pleasant breaks, nevertheless, they should not last longer than 15-20 minutes, because later our organism gets used to chilling.

The principle of motion

Even though during the quarantine more and more strict restrictions are applied for strolling outside, physical activities are necessary, when we stay sitting at home 24/7. For some internet training session are the solution. For others it may be dance parties in the kitchen (why not unleashing the accumulated energy by dancing? with the beloved one, family and even alone?). For another group it might be exercises in the balcony – two benefits by one shot: open air (which now in Lithuania is the cleanest it has been since 2003) and physical activity. For yet another group – abstaining from using the elevator, walking out the dog, tidying the house with some loud music on and etc. While the most active people would not strike out any of these activities from their daily routine!

The principle of free time

When staying home all the time it is important to define the time which will be devoted to yourself. It is an ideal opportunity to implement something you have wanted for a long time (even if you feel lazy, start with 20 minutes, which would be devoted to THAT activity every day). In case you simply want some entertainment, the number of opportunities on the internet is growing day by day, moreover, their quality is also improving all the time (not to mention TV series and movies). For example, you can participate in the broadcasting of some quiz game online, visit a virtual exhibition of some museum, travel at least virtually (to Machu Picchu or Taj Mahal), find out something in fashion history (here), learn to paint and there are loads of other ideas.


Set up an alarm clock for social networks

Even though that is one of the few ways (who spends a long time on the phone these days?) to maintain the connection with the external world, especially during the quarantine, now more than ever it is recommended to limit the time spent in social networks. One of the possible tips is to set your alarm clock (for example, for 30 minutes), which would wake up from involuntary browsing.

Reward yourself by helping others

You are already helping the others by following the quarantine recommendations and leaving home at the most necessary cases only. Nevertheless, there is more you can do. For example, you can join the volunteers, gifting your dusty computer to children, who do not possess opportunities to engage in remote learning, or simply help an older person/ your neighbour by buying the necessary groceries?

Retain common sense

It is very important to retain common sense and, most of all, critical thinking! Select the reliable sources of news and whenever you feel like your glass of negative information is filling up too fast, simply disconnect from the external world and get to know your inner world better!

Author of the text – Inga Norkutė


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