Ideas for celebrating Easter during quarantine

It is possible that this Easter will enter the history, because many people will spend it far away from relatives. Some feel especially sad that they will not be able to see the relatives. Some see it as another opportunity to remain creative and positive. Those are the ones whom this blog entry is dedicated to.

Do not underestimate decoration of eggs

If there are no small children at home, decoration of eggs might lose some of its charm, especially if there is no one share or exchange the eggs with afterwards. But who can deny that Easter bunnies may leave decorated eggs at the door of some remotely living relatives or friends? Just don’t forget to use disinfectant.

Cook, but less

What if the Easter basket would also contain one dish prepared by you? It must not turn into a feast, but if the family members made one spring dish each, that would please the others and save up some time for everyone. You can exchange the treats along with the decorated eggs on the Easter eve.

Start the morning by meditating

In order for the Easter morning to be spiritual and elated, start it from concentration – meditation, even if you do it very rarely or haven’t tried it at all. Try to calm down and focus on yourself, if under the current circumstances you cannot be in a crowd of beloved people. Try out this meditation or write a message to The BabeGuru, if you would like to receive a free lesson.

Have an extraordinary Sunday breakfast

May Easter Sunday be not like any other. After meditation, instead of wrapping yourself into the usual robe or jumping into your sweatsuit, give yourself an opportunity to look smart. Take out some spring outfit, iron it, even if you will spend part of the day on the sofa again, and go to get ready for the festive breakfast. By the way, do not forget about setting the table and putting a fresh branch into the vase.

Broadcasting from Vatican

Yes, this year will be historical, when the broadcasting from sunny Vatican shall not show a crowd of Christians from all over the world. Nevertheless, it will still be possible to watch this festive mass on your screens. Do not miss this chance, since no home has ever had too much tranquillity, peace and sense of belonging to a community.

Broadcasting from the sofa

It is your free choice: whether from the sofa, sitting at the table or while having a stroll outside, but today it is very easy to connect for a family conversation which can turn into at least a relative substitute for the time actually spent together.

Breath in some spring  it is the middle of the season already!

Did you have time to enjoy the spring already? Easter afternoon offers an excellent opportunity to escape and breath in some fresh air further away from the city. Choose less popular tracks, that will help you to follow the requirements of quarantine.

More distractions for Easter evening

For having an active and cultural evening, more and more virtual entertainments are available on the internet: New York MOMA free art courses, hypnotic dance performance, games, which challenge your brain and knowledge. Or maybe you would rather select artistic challenge? Try recreating a work of art under at home – that might turn into jolly amusement uniting the household (some inspirations can be found here). You can also travel at least virtually (12 ideas can be found here), learn something new in the history of fashion (here) or learn something new – SkillShare grants a connection of 2 months to various courses.


Let’s enjoy the time at home. When we return to work, hurry up and stress out, it is possible, that we will miss this time with nostalgia. 


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