Ingeniously simple ideas on how to create a feast from the very morning

Wake up every December morning with a festive spirit. Christmas decorations in the bedroom make you happy any less than than a balcony or living room decorated with lights and festive toys.

So, which of these ideas would you take into your bedroom? By the way, we’ve got advice for all of you - bedroom decorations should be flawless, integrate into your room smoothly and make you calm with the help of lights, smell and colors. It’s crucial to remember that this space in your home is dedicated to sleep and rest.

Candles. Many of them.

One of the fastest, easiest, and most romantic ways to bring Christmas into your bedroom - put as many as possible candles near your bed, night table, windowsill, and around. If these candles are red or dark green and nature-scented, your mission is complete.

Luminous garlands

If you have beams in your bedroom, wrapping them around with lights and garlands is one of the great ideas ensuring that Christmas spirit will wake you up in the morning and remind you about itself in the evening.

Green garlands

If you have Christmas tree-like garlands, but beams or a metal frame at the headboard of your bed is not something you have in your bedroom, maybe you can decorate your chandelier? You can make it more festive by adding some arch patterns and adding ribbons in the corners.

Wood-scented wreath

A bed is usually the main accent of the bedroom that has a picture/painting above it (or even two). What if you replace those with a lush and wood-scented Christmas wreath?

Bedding set that is not only beautiful to look at

Wine-red or night-blue, or forest-green color..? The color of the bedding set tends to change the mood of the room and uplift (as we’ve said before, the bed is usually the main accent of the bedroom). Of course, if the bedding set is made from 100% natural fabric and its quality is impeccable, it may bring even more great emotions.

Pillows and bedding combinations

If you don’t feel an urge to buy full bedding in festive colors or don’t have a planned budget for it, a few pillows of wine-red color can do their job and enrich your interior. By the way, combining the bedding sets - especially colored with one-toned ones - is one of the hottest trends of the year.

Christmas tree and light bulbs: two in one

Most probably, one Christmas tree has been decorated in your living room, so what if one more tree is going to appear on your bedroom wall created from… light bulbs? Cozy, festive, and comfortable. Its gentle light will remind you about the upcoming Christmas every morning. The mornings are so dark these days, pamper yourself!



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