Man's bedroom vs couple's

A man’s bedroom space is often associated with minimalism and the colour grey. However, that alone doesn’t really end the idea of an elegant lounge. Deimantė Stankevičienė, Dreamon brand manager, talks about which accents and moments create a bedroom that corresponds to a man's timeless individuality.

A man's bedroom is the pinnacle of functionality

A man's bedroom is like a cave and such mindset is severely outdated. "When creating the interior of their home, modern men look back to the smallest details. This space must be aesthetic so that it is open to guests without fear”, says D. Stankevičienė.

Men are willing to invest in both long-term purchases, such as a quality bed or mattress, and home textiles: curtains, rugs, bedding, and even artwork on the wall. "The most important thing is not to go to extremes", emphasizes Deimantė.

The most striking characteristic of a modern man’s bedroom remains functionality, i.e., no excess of furniture or decor: “They have everything at hand. Also, only those objects that perform a clear function find their place”.

And while practicality wins when creating an oasis of relaxation, even the biggest lovers of minimalism appreciate when at least a little bit of luxury is felt in the bedroom space. "From customer preferences, I have to notice that this aspect is often adapted as a carefully selected luxury bedding", says Dreamon's brand manager.

Personalization according to a man’s hobbies is also a common way to create an individual and quality interior: “This is achieved through accents and details made of metal, concrete, leather or wood. These materials should subtly convey a man's interest in cars, fishing, chess or other activities”.

Finally, one of the unnecessary but often encountered things in a bedroom of a single man is the TV and sound system. Single people can have a TV even in the bedroom as they don’t have to adjust to anything or anyone, however, implementing such an idea might be a problem for those living in a couple.

A couple's bedroom should feel the contribution of both

A bedroom is a magical space where both body and mind rest. Therefore, it must suit and please both parties: "This is not the rule, but often interior issues in the family rely on the woman, so it is very important to try to make the bedroom reflect both individuals", advises Deimantė Stankevičienė.

This is not an easy task, as it may appear at first. The Dreamon brand manager notes that even when choosing bedroom bedding, the couple's opinions often differ: "Men prefer single or geometric bedding, while women prefer patterned, oval or curved lines".

According to Deimantė, one of the ways to reconcile the interests of both people is the choice of colours: “Grey is certainly not the only way to find a compromise. A good example can be brown, ivory and light grey. Other colours that might suit both parties are white, green and black. Cold colours mixed with warm ones also usually find harmony. For example, blue with wine red or brown.”

"When living in a family, it is easiest to create a bedroom that reflects the individuality of both family members by mixing the bedding", says Deimantė. According to the specialist, living in a couple can be combined with two different designs, and for sleeping under separate blankets it is even easier: it is possible to combine a single-color, more often men's favourite set, with the cosy design of women’s patterns.



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