Pot plants for purifying bedroom air

Fresh air and moisture-filled bedrooms help to sleep deeper and wake up fully rested. The optimal humidity and fresh oxygen help to breathe easier and reduce allergic reactions in the body. The easiest way to clean home air is to buy houseplants with air-purifying properties.

These are 5 air-cleansing plants recommended by NASA scientists:

🍃 Gerbera Daisy (Lt – Gerbera)

This beautifully blooming flower produces a high level of oxygen during the night. Feel free to place it on the bedside table!

🍃 Palm Areka (Lt – Palmė Areka, Palmikė)

Palm Areka is excellent for carbon dioxide absorption. Place it on a windowsill or other shady corner of the room, and the plant will thrive.

🍃 Peace Lilly (Lt – Vėzdūnė)

Peace Lilly not only has beautiful white blooms but effectively cleans the indoor air. Still, be cautious that the juice of this flower is poisonous to pets.

🍃 Sansevieria (Lt – Sansevjera)

Also known as "mother-in-law's tongue" and "snake plant," Sansevieria is a vastly popular plant that releases oxygen at night and is super easy to take care of.

🍃 Chlorophytum (Lt - Kuokštinis chlorofitas)

Chlorophytum, as the name suggests, is a fantastic oxygen producer. This newbie-friendly flower grows well in a gloomy spot. This plant absorbs harmful substances in the air, cleans it.

There's no need to invest in expensive air filters - nature provides us with natural, reliable air purifiers. Just bring them to your home!

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