Refutes myths about work routine

You’ve probably heard of corporations like Google’s offices reminiscent of Disneyland, or workspaces without a dedicated space. There has been a lot of talk this year about working from home - we will not expand, it is probably already clear why. So this time we decided to talk to communication specialist Inga Norke, who has been successfully working from the most different places for six years now, but not from the office.

Working at the same desk every day – okay or not?

According to a special study on the subject, even over 80 percent of ideas arise outside the work environment. 

“Last week I worked on a pier in Nida, where I found a wooden table with a bench – apparently fishermen’s. I have worked in a wide variety of places, and also very much from home. I can say that the dynamics of the work environment is really important for creative work,” says Inga, refuting the myth about the iron routine and a separate workplace for the best results. 

A freelance communications specialist and consultant initially thought that not working at the same table with the same image in front of herself on a daily basis is not customary or even normal. However, more than five years of working in different spaces have shown that the work habits of people (who are growing in numbers) in the creative and similar sectors are even similar: 

“It is very important for me to go out to work ‘in the city’ at least once a week, but it is just as productive to do certain tasks in the morning in bed. Routine hinders my results the most,” says I. Norke. 

Several side factors that become key to motivation 

A few more things are important to Inga for productivity. One of them is order: “No matter where I work, it is very important not to be in a mess, because then thoughts are purified differently. True, I personally need an ideal order. That's why I try wherever I work - from home or on a trip - to get organized in the evening so that I don't waste time in the morning."

Another very important and less often mentioned condition is the connection with nature. Yes, even during working hours, greenery significantly increases a person's productivity and ability to think more freely

“I first heard about biophilia – an innate human tendency to look for a connection with nature - working in one of the Vilnius cooperation spaces. I watched the abundance of plants and the dedication of the administration to look after them. It turns out that greenery not only improves the air we breathe, but also the emotional state,” says I. Norke. Now and in her home, there are lots of jungle-like plants. 

The rules are there to break them 

For those who are experiencing creative suffering, constantly trying their will in a variety of strict disciplines, Inga advises to try not to work according to the rules. This can be tested particularly easily now that a large proportion of employers are not forced to sit in the workplace all day. 

“Try to deviate from your agenda more often. Allow yourself to enjoy what is unusual in the morning and work in the evening, try stretching exercises in the afternoon, make Thursdays – a workday from another space, and so on.” 

According to Inga, it is likely that this discontinuation of the discipline may require a little overtime to perform all the planned work, “but, I believe, you will discover new thoughts, ideas, motivations.” 

A few extra tips when working from home 

When she doesn't travel or visit the various spaces for work, and not necessarily just for work, Inga admits that her desk often becomes a large pillow: 

“My sweetheart laughs at me, but I also like to work out of bed - I save not only a lot of time I can spend on rest, but also money,” Inga smiles, adding that when she gets out of bed she necessarily changes her clothes: “Not lying down all day at home with pajamas and dressing up is one of my personal principles.”

Not only a tidy environment and lots of plants help Inga to work from home, but also maximally open areas of windows through which daylight enters and a window that is always at least slightly open are useful too. 

“Finally, just saying that an employer seeks to create an environment where employees feel at home tells us how to outdo yourself while working from home. Only there diversification is necessary too. This can lead to new unexpected paths in both, career and life,” notes Inga Norke.


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