School days are coming


Autumn is coming, and with this time of the year, school and kindergarten season is starting. It’s a no brainer that for the start of the school year there is always a need to renew a child’s wardrobe and buy subjects that are relevant for a good beginning. Because of that, there’s no time for a serious room makeover. That’s why we decided to provide you with some simple and creative ideas that wouldn’t cost much time or money but will create a feeling of a new season’s start and proper mood.


These days books probably aren’t the most favorite children activity. However, each kid most likely has a collection of books that they love to open up and read from time to time.

Bring a shelf to a kid’s room that is suitable for putting books cover to the front (shelf for shoes will work pretty well). Such a piece of furniture will not only be a great room decoration but will also work as a reminder showing how many beautiful books your child has.

Bedding set

If you don’t cover bedding set under the blankets, it inevitably becomes one of the brightest room detail. That’s why a new bedding set is a great way to refresh the whole mood of the room! Don’t forget to think about the colors carefully - they need to fit the interior of the room. One more thing - have in mind the importance of the materials the bedding set is made from. They definitely should be natural and high quality - all the best for your child.


A growing child needs more and more privacy. But how to balance things here and ensure that the doors to the kid’s room are not always closed? These days it’s not so challenging to create a tipi tent at home. It may become an oasis of coziness and tranquility. Even you wouldn’t be able to come in without an invitation. At the same time, the question of closing the door will be solved.


Most probably you already have a considerable collection of paintings drawn by your little one. It will only grow and improve as the school starts. So, what do you think about gathering the old frames into one place, painting them in one color and hanging on the wall? Your kid will pin his new masterpieces, and you will become a proud regular visitor of the gallery!

Board of self-expression

If your little one still doesn’t have a self-expression board, it’s high time for such a gift! However, we’ve got one tip: don’t choose a nice-looking and trendy chalkboard. Why? The chalk is dusted on the ground and carried around the rooms afterward. Does it sound attractive? We don’t think so. Such alternatives as flipcharts of a wall-mounted paper roller would be a more convenient choice.


Place for toys

It’s inevitable to have a clear and defined place for kid’s toys. If you notice that they cannot fit into the room anymore and are placed on windowsills and all corners of the house, it’s high time for saying “goodbye” to some of the items. You can gift the toys that are less loved by your little one to your child’s friends or the ones that live in orphanages.


Our kids will likely take equality as something evident and discussion-unworthy. Thus, it is essential not to impose our “old-school” assessments on them by creating rooms suitable for boys or girls only. Let them choose the colors and room theme individually!


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