The robe that will become your favorite

Since olden times people have adorned themselves in robes. Clergymen of the 12th -13th centuries wore robes for daily use. Later, robes gained ground among the judiciary, followed by graduates of prestigious universities during graduation ceremonies.  

Eventually, banyans – robes inspired by Oriental cultures, gained popularity approximately in the 17th century and used to be worn by even scientists at that time.  Enter the name of Isaac Newton into Google search – the majority of his portraits are namely with a robe.  

And although robes have been currently perfected, padded and cushioned, people do not wear them in public any more. This, however, does not prevent having such a robe with which you would feel well not only privately at home.

Wrap robes from luxurious natural material are not meant only for wearing hidden from everybody’s eyes.  

A good robe may decorate, warm up and please you, both, at home, in sauna or on the beach.

However, before choosing this universal robe, particular aspects must be taken into account. As if the suit is intended for special occasions, the robe, plainly speaking, is meant for non-special ones. No secret, they are more plentiful.

Thus, if you choose a suit or a dress for a special occasion particularly scrupulously, do not spare your attention also for the robe ideally matching your wishes as you will wear it practically every day.  

When you get engulfed in SPA sensation dressed up in a robe, it means that you have chosen it correctly. It is very important, however, to draw attention to the following things:

– Colors. It is best if they are calm and warm. Such colors are relaxing and restful.

– Textile. It is very important that the robe would be sewn from 100 proc. natural fiber – who would want to be wrapped in synthetics?

– Fabric absorption. Fabric texture is of great importance depending whether you use a robe after a shower, at the water-pool or even on the beach. Wafer fabric well absorbs moisture.

– Models. The most gracious are kimono style robes which may be used in public without shame. Nowadays, there are plenty of fabrics from which robes are sewn, as well as cuttings that will cater for even the fussiest dandy.


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