Tips for managing your sleep whims

Probably all of us has felt an urge for having a vacation just after a holiday. It’s a no brainer that usually it is connected to a lack of sleep or sleep disorder during the travel. Sometimes it’s caused by various entertaining activities (and that’s ok!). However, some of the factors disturbing the sleep can be avoided. DREAMON has prepared some useful tips for holidaymakers:

No-sleep night before the trip

Last night before the trip very often becomes the last chance to finish all the tasks that have not been done before. Sleeping foundation has calculated that people sleep on average about 5 hours before their departure but do you know that sleep debt is likely to follow you for the first days of your vacation?

How to avoid this? No matter if this sounds illogical, ridiculous or unbelievable, it is recommended to start packing your holiday suitcase a week before the vacation. The most important details should be planned even earlier, and the last night before the departure should be dedicated for quality sleep.

Jet lag - losing the balance of internal clock

We experience a jet lag when our body’s daily rhythm feels disrupted by changing several time zones. Going through two different time zones has a little effect on the body. Three and more zones may cause trouble. However, jet lag still can be under control.

How? There’s probably no chance to avoid jet lag, but you can reduce its impact for sure. Some people suggest gradually changing sleeping habits (this online calculator can be of great help: Others recommend avoiding coffee, sedatives, and everything that may cause dizziness. There’s also a group of people that suggest using medicine that contains melatonin helping in sleep regulation. It is also essential to drink plenty of water and eat some fruit during the trip.

New bed effect

There is a group of people who can sleep anywhere and anytime as long as they feel tired. However, for some people getting sleep in a new environment, unfamiliar room and bed is almost a mission impossible.

How to avoid it? Try creating a cozy environment as much as possible: close curtains, open windows to let fresh air inside, and take some rituals from home with you. If you are used to drinking tea before sleep, make sure it is possible during your trip. If a new bedding set makes you feel uncomfortable, take at least your pillowcase with you. If reading a book is something you do every night before sleep at home, don’t give up on this habit during the holiday too. Even if you watch TV before falling asleep (even though it is not recommended), why should you behave differently during your trip?

Mosquitoes - the most irritating holidaymakers globally

If mosquitoes haven’t disappeared for so many years, let’s be realistic - there’s no chance it will happen during this summer. Therefore, it is worth learning to cope with their attacks.

How? You can avoid mosquito bites by using unique chemical deterrents. However, some folk remedies are also effective ones and cause no side effects. For example, cut the slice of lemon and put cloves into it. That’s something mosquitoes avoid.

One more effective way is essential oils. Use oils of cedar, eucalyptus, anise, tea tree, basil, geranium, lavender, thyme, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary to fight against mosquitoes. They can be applied to the skin or clothes.

If you don’t have any remedies with you, simply wash the bitten places with cold water and soap. Wipe dry with a quality towel that effectively absorbs moisture afterward. Try to cool down the bitten places on your skin using ice cubes.


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