Tips on food, location and cosiness for the best picnic

There are a few circumstances which encourage us to spend more time outside than in enclosed public places, namely, the summer heat and also a smaller possibility for the well-known virus to spread. One of the most beloved leisure activities of the warm season is, most certainly, the time spent in the nature and picnics. This time the best pieces of advice for the time spent on the picnic blanket are shared by food blogger and wine connoisseur Urtė Mikelevičiūtė.

Just a few trifles can create a feast out of thin air

When going outside the least we want is to drag a lot of items, therefore, it is very important to plan in advance, what to take, without forgetting any of the items which might improve the time in the open air. Experienced picnic-goer U. Mikelevičiūtė singled out several most important attributes for every single picnic:

“It is enough to have a beautiful picnic blanket, tasty food, favourite drink and a few trifles for decoration, like linen napkins, cushions and tableware, which is not disposable, which ensures both sustainability and tastiness”, tells Urtė, who also adds that she herself, nevertheless, likes to bring more “ammunition” to a picnic.

According to the blogger, if you want to create a special mood while on a picnic, it is also worth putting a tablecloth and cloth napkins into your picnic basket: “Sustainable textile on a picnic shall create the sense of cosiness and shall also decorate the table. I love linen articles.”

Finally, Urtė also reminds to bear in mind not only the aesthetic side of the picnic, but the practical part of it as well in advance: “Do not forget such items as bottle opener”, urges Urtė and advises to think through the picnic menu more thoroughly as well.

Not every tasty meal is suitable for a picnic

Besides the companions and the perfect spot of nature another important component of a memorable picnic is tasty food. Of course, everything seems tastier when eaten outside, nonetheless, this part of every picnic is also worth some trouble. You can prepare some dishes on the grill, however, if you are going on an elegant picnic at a town park, you should prepare the meals in advance.

“Even though I could eat mozzarella salad constantly, if prepared and then transported they are likely to go bad”, notes U. Mikelevičiūtė. She suggests choosing various spreads with different bread items, carrots or cucumbers. Another excellent choice might be meat rolls and hams.

“I cannot think of anything better for a dessert outside than berries”, is another idea shared by Urtė, who also adds: “Another excellent selection for a picnic is French tart with season fruit, quiche with vegetables and, of course, sandwiches”. The blogger even offers combining them with the drinks.

Sandwiches and wines are excellent to go together

For many years, sandwiches have been probably the most popular choice for the picnic table, since they are quick to be made, convenient for transportation and do not require cutlery to be consumed. Furthermore, there are dozens of sandwich recipe ideas nowadays: from the classical ones to exceptional gourmet ones.

For more expressive culinary joy food blogger and wine connoisseur Urtė Mikelevičiūtė suggest combining the sandwiches with the selected drink, for example, the wine:

“When combining the wine with the sandwich the whole must be taken into consideration: the type of bread, what is spread over it, what is the main ingredient and what are the extras”, explains Urtė.

The asparagus would go excellently with a wine from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, nevertheless, when the asparagus is used on a sandwich – a completely different type of wine should be selected. “Combining is a very tasty and interesting game”, notes Urtė.

She recommends rose sparkling wine to go with tuna: “Wines made of Pinot Noir grapes would suit perfectly. Such wine would also be wonderful to go with a sandwich with pulled slow cooked lamb”.

You can also select Sauvignon Blanc which is rich in its aroma to go with sandwiches with salmon or another fish smoked for a short while and tomatoes. While sparkling Riesling or Cava would be excellent with brie cheese and apple jam.

“A sandwich with turkey or chicken and mayonnaise sauce would taste excellent with a wine made of Chardonnay grapes”, adds the food blogger.

A location worth to be used for a picnic could right above your head

Finally, in order to organise a memorable picnic, it is not necessary to cover hundreds of kilometres to the sea or a favourite lake. Furthermore, it is not necessary to wait for a trip abroad to have a picnic with a nice view.

“I have held a picnic even in my own yard”, laughed U. Mikelevičiūtė and encourages not to postpone an opportunity to enjoy a picnic this summer while there still is time.

The green areas of the town, for example, a park, a grove or a narrow belt of sand by the lake are also great for a cosy picnic. “Even a roof of the house can be an impressive location for a picnic”, smiles the blogger.


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