Trends in a bedroom. What leaves and what remains?

New year new tendencies. Actually, lots of them. So, what trends are the most exciting in the bedroom interior this year? For this question we can use some help from our brand manager Deimantė.

So, Deimante, what are the bedroom trends for this year?

As always, there are many trends. However, it’s a no brainer that individuality and sustainability are the hottest ones.

Being more precise, mix and match method is becoming more and more popular: new modern things are combined with older ones, metallic details are going together with wooden ones, etc. This method works just great for bedroom textiles, too! For example, choosing one colour for pillows and a blanket whereas a bedding sheet can be bright colourful.


By the way, rich colours such as burgundy or emerald green are definitely on top for a couple of years already. Those who are a bit conservative regarding dark dominant colours in the bedroom can include only one richer colour. It may appear in details such as bright pillow on a bedding set of calm colour.

However, the most crucial trend of the year is being responsible for nature and this one can be applied for a bedroom textile business. The most wanted and fashionable textile items are sustainable, eco-friendly, hand-made from natural fabric, and people get a  dignified salary for creating them.

What tendencies are no longer applicable?

It appears that people choose 100% safe options in their interior more and more rarely. For example, let’s talk about the grey colour that was dominant in the interiors for quite a long time. This trend invaded our interiors 10 years ago and now it’s not that visible anymore. Western people seek for individuality and uniqueness in their home. By the way, grey colour can also be associated with the workplace that is usually grey-coloured. People want their home to be different than the working area.

Regarding the bedroom textiles, the trend is the same - unique designs are getting more and more popularity. Experimenting with colours has become a usual thing. Looking to the year 2020, it seems that warm colours will defeat the colder tones.

You visited an international home textile exhibition “Heimtextil” in Frankfurt last week. What is the most important insight you can share with us?

Despite the trends for the year 2020 that have been already mentioned before, textile manufacturers pay a lot of attention to cultural exchanges. For example, patterns that are specific for one culture are mixed with the ones from another culture.

Furthermore, as I told before, companies pay more attention to nature and ethics - sustainability is becoming the most popular trend and priority for manufacturers. The same principle works for “Dreamon”.

You’ve got many data about the textile choices that are being made by Lithuanians. So, which bedding is more popular - linen or cotton one?

Cotton still is a significant leader. However, during recent years, we’ve spotted the trend - linen has its position in the Lithuanian market. The change is quite slow as we, Lithuanians, are not huge fans of changes and it takes us time to get used to novelties. That’s why here are “Dreamon” we have special methods that we use for working with linen ensuring that the material is as soft as it can be. Many clients appreciate that and switched to linen bedding sets.

Which colours are the most popular among customers?

In the centre of attention, natural earth colours are dominant same as white and grey. They are followed by calm Damasco and floral prints that are warm but not too bright. However, we’ve noticed that bright, dark and luxurious patterns are the ones that attract attention the most. For example, participating in exhibitions, such colours get the most attention. However, people usually are a bit cautious that it would be not that easy to apply them in the interior.


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