Wake up more beautiful than before going to bed

For beauty, there is nothing better than getting good night sleep. Yet, there is also plenty of other efficient ways to pamper yourself before bedtime to make your face and soul more glowing.

CLEAN FACE. Probably there is no need to remind that you have to wash your face before bedtime – remove not only the makeup but also sweat and environmental pollutants. By the way, it is best to do this even twice in a row. A clean face is a precondition for the renewal of skin cells.

STEAM FACIAL CLEANSE. Makeup removal is a daily ritual. Sometimes, however, this may be done even in a deeper level. If you have no possibility to visit a beautician, try a steam face cleaning procedure at your home. Read more here.

MOISTURISING. We are already used to keeping our facial skin hydrated, thus probably, there is no need to remind you that after cleansing it is important to apply some cream, serum on your face, whilst others will do fine by spraying hydrolats onto their face. Besides, particularly during the cold season, humidifiers should be used. Indoor humidity should be about 40–60 percent; however, usually it does not reach even 20 percent.

FACIAL MASSAGE. Although short, yet periodic facial massage, guarantees smoother and more elastic skin long-term. Trust us, daily light, yet quick tapping with your fingertips in the region of cheeks, chin, forehead, and under the eyes makes wonders!

SILKY LIPS. Everything you use to pamper your face – cleansing, hydrating and masks can also be used for your lips. Thus, before bedtime, gently brush your lips to remove dead skin cells and apply some balm.

LIMITATION OF FLUID INTAKE BEFORE BEDTIME. Water intake is one of beauty secrets, yet not before going to bed. If you do not want to wake up with a puffy face, limit your intake of fluid, at least a couple of hours before bedtime. The same also applies to food.

HAVING A WALK. After a day’s work, household chores, dinner and other activity, have a walk in the fresh air, unplug from technologies and find time for yourself. Being at peace with yourself will not only help you feel better physically, but also look great.

MEDITATION. Another secret of beauty – a beautiful soul. Meditation helps reduce stress, strengthen concentration, as well as improves emotional health. If you have not tried practicing meditation, do not hesitate. This may become a start of a new journey.

COMFORTABLE SLEEP. The main conditions of comfortable sleep: room temperature – neither too hot nor too cold; darkness – the darker, the better; silence – the more silent, the better; comfortable bed – quality mattress and bed linen of natural fibre.

SLEEP HYGIENE. Finally, at least follow some advices on sleep hygiene and you will definitely wake up in the morning more beautiful than before going to bed. A sleep hygiene manual is available here.


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