Waking up early is not as hard as it seems

November - one of the darkest months of the year - has slowly approached. The days are getting shorter, Christmas decorations are not here yet, and it all makes it harder to wake up in the mornings. Are there at least a few strategies that may help to start a day easier?


The saying that a morning person can have a worm and are more successful than others is not always motivating enough — even vice versa. However, the honest answer to the question: “What would you do with the additional time of the day?” may become the best motivation to start the day earlier.


There’s no need to repeat the easiest way to wake up early with not so much of frustration, is going to sleep and getting up every day at the same time. Even though there may happen that you go to bed later, it’s essential to wake up as usual with no excuses. The upcoming day may be a bit tough, but the routine is more important in this situation. By the way, if you wish to adjust the length of sleep, it is recommended to change the going-to-bed time instead of the time of getting up.

Calm down

Find the routine that your body will associate with the upcoming sleeping time, for example, a cup of tea accompanied by a book, meditation, etc. Forget all the screens at least one hour before sleeping time. Trust us; it will bring even more quality for your sleep.

Sleep cycles

You’ve most probably already heard about the sleep cycles - the fourth one is the deepest, the first one called REM and also known as light sleep. If you wake up in this one, you’ll feel the best. However, even 30 minutes difference, in this case, may have a considerable influence on the general feeling. Thus, dedicated apps may be a game-changer in this situation, helping you to understand your sleep cycles and wake up accordingly.

Two alarms

It is said that numerous alarm snoozes may knock out of the rhythm. However, jumping straight out of bed is not the best solution either. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on two alarms - one near the bed you are sleeping in and another one that would be placed somewhere further that you’d need to stand out to turn it off.


It’s a way more comfortable to wake up from the soft bed knowing that something pleasant is waiting ahead. Weekend mornings are a high proof of it, aren’t they? However, you can find tiny happy moments in every day: few pages of a great book, a cup of coffee in your beloved cafe, meditation for 10 minutes or a favourite dessert - these are only a few of many possible alternatives. It is a must for everyone to find out what may bright the day even in the darkest times.

Quick routine

For some people, a slow morning sounds like the best treatment. However, most of us may get lazy while reading the news or drinking coffee in bed, so the best solution for helping to avoid such situations - go out quickly.

Have a great and productive day! 


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