What flowers to choose for the Father’s Day, for home or even for bed?

During the quarantine period, Alina Juodienė, the florist and influencer from Kaunas, made her dream come true and opened a floral studio. In fact, she has already been creating gorgeous flower bouquets under the name “Sugar Ribbon” for quite some time. Alina is among those who are the first to notice which flowers are the most popular among the buyers and can track the current local flower trends.

There is fashion in flowers, too

“I have noticed that clients usually prefer more minimal combinations, less colour contrasts and more solid colours in flower bouquets. I think people got tired of colourful flowers, glossy wrapping paper and the abundance of elements in compositions,” said A. Juodienė sharing her insights about the newest choices among the clients.

This year, one of the most outstanding tendencies in the area of floristry is the feeling of surprise when expensive blossoms are combined with wild meadow flowers or greenery. The greenery around the blossom goes well with solid exotic leaves and various less common branches: “In short, a bouquet of one hundred roses shows the lack of fantasy these days”, smiled the florist.

Alina has also noticed that garden flowers have been on a great demand recently, even in the most luxurious bouquets. “Peony, as their season comes, is the absolute queen of bouquets. Even the modern brides walking down the aisle to the altar hold peonies paired with eucalyptus leaves.”

A. Juodienė also highlighted the return of dried plants fashion to home spaces: “I keep noticing that more and more often people choose to decorate their homes with fluffy, soft, dried plants to provide the feeling of cosiness to their space. Bent grass is a good example, which apart from all the listed qualities can be easily adapted to various interiors.”

3 tips for keeping cut flowers to last longer

When you receive or purchase an impressive bouquet of flowers as a gift, you certainly wish for it to last and blossom as long as possible. However, florist Alina Juodienė is quite sceptical when it comes to the majority of recommendations and highlights only a few, yet the most effective means, according to her:

“Neither hot nor cold water nor artificial shock with sugar or salt caused to the plants will do the trick – it is a simple daily change of fresh water that helps the flowers to last longer. It is also important to cut the tips of the stems periodically, it will help the bouquet to last even longer”.

Alina also recommends to remove the leaves from the stems of fresh-cut flowers, especially those hiding in a vase: “Otherwise, the water will not reach the blossom and will disperse in the leaves causing a premature perishing of the blossom,” said A. Juodienė.

For those looking for a bouquet to blossom for as long as possible, the florist recommends to choose compositions with dianthus, lisianthus and freesia. When the season comes – peony or ranunculus. Whereas the picked wild flowers will blossom for a shorter period of time, according to the florist.

“In general, I don’t think it’s bad to bring plants from the nature, but keep in mind that such flowers do not last long at home. However, if you decide to pick flowers in a meadow, please do that responsibly – do not tear or break the stem, cut the plant with good scissors or clippers instead,” advised Alina.

It is a normal practice to give flowers to men

Even during the quarantine period, the famous florist received many orders, because these days flowers serve as a gift for various occasions and sometimes even without any occasion. Of course, it is stereotypical to think that women are the ones to receive flowers more often than men. However, flowers can also be given to men and it is becoming more usual, especially for such occasion as the approaching Father’s Day.

“When choosing flowers to a man, I would, first of all, recommend wrapping them in a paper of a darker colour such as grey, brown, cherry or even black. Various blossoms can be used depending on the character. The darker ones are, of course, the safest choice. I recommend avoiding pastel colours (except for white).”

One of the most common choices of flowers to men, according to the florist, include amaryllis, strelitzia, dianthus, calla lily as well as roses: “Even a single luxurious blossom packed in a dark-colour paper will look gorgeous and will certainly delight its receiver,” encourages the florist.

Flowers can blossom at home throughout the year

The blossoms of flowers have been greatly sought recently not only in bouquets, but also in interior elements, especially in home textile. The most popular combination – motives of the flowers of the field or exotic flowers paired with a natural fabric.

“Since I notice flowers every-time and everywhere, I started noticing them in fashion magazines and home textile more often, especially in table décor and bedding designs,” said A. Juodienė.

In her opinion, some floral accents are all it takes to provide home with liveliness: a couple of pillows on the sofa, napkins on the table, floral bedding on the bed: “In spring and summer, I feel a particular need for much more floral accents, especially in a duet with linen,” noticed Alina.


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