What is good bedding?

The Better You Make Your Bed, the Better You Sleep

We spend more than a third of our lives in bed, so it is very important to make it well. After all, it is said that your sleep depends on it. Without a doubt, the environment, and especially the bed, the mattress and bedding, which is the closest component to your body, play a very important role here. For this reason, when choosing a bedding set it is very important to pay attention not only to its design.

DREAMON bedding made in Lithuania features 4 main collections: Comfort, Luxury, Flax and Kids. Each of them stands out not only by its fabric, but also by its technological treatment and patterns as well as packaging.

Fabrics – Exclusively 100 Percent Natural

Natural fabric is a sign of quality. This applies to all areas, bedding is no exception, so it is very important to pay attention to its composition when choosing a set for your sanctuary of rest.

“Cotton, linen or a mixture of cotton and linen are the best choices for sleeping. Such fabrics are durable, absorbent, breathable, fast drying, and linen also has antibacterial properties. It is true, naturalness alone is not enough. Equally important is how the fabric is technologically processed”, – says Deimantė Stankevičienė, brand manager of DREAMON.

Technological Progress Means Durable Bedding

The manufacturer of DREAMON bedding has more than 15 years of experience in the textile industry. The company supplies textile raw materials throughout Europe. Also, it has been making bedding for well-known hotel chains for many years, so this invaluable experience provides a thorough understanding of the creation of DREAMON collections.

According to the brand manager D. Stankeviečienė, the intensity of DREAMON bedding colours does not fade even after numerous washes due to the finishing processes carried out on the fabrics.

In addition, if properly maintained, the bedding will be less creased; there will be no clots and felting. By the way, a minor but important fact is that technologically treated DREAMON products do not shrink or lose their original dimensions after washing.

Designs – for Everyone's Taste

Freshly laundered, pleasant to the touch bedding made of natural fabrics creates the perfect environment not only for sleeping but also for a pleasant morning. Especially when you wake up and the bedroom is flooded with light, the beauty of the bedding can create a special emotion, so it is very important that this image would delight you:

“A large portion of the bedding designs is being created right here in Lithuania, together with the Lithuanian artist Daiva Zubrienė. And the other portion – with the Spanish design team”, – says Deimantė.

Fabric printing is quite a long process that requires a lot of creative energy: “Before creating a collection, we create its vision (analyze trends, colours and their meanings) as well as the theme and message we want to convey. The next step is working with designers.”

All this work takes from 3 to 6 months. By the way, nature and humans become its most common inspiration, and ornamental design is the expression of all this: “The ornamental design has a meaning, and the most interesting thing is that ornaments are the universal language of nations. This allows DREAMON to reach the hearts of its most loyal customers all over the world”, – says designer Daiva Zubrienė.

Among the most popular designs enveloping people's dreams so far have been Crown of Flower Gray, Night Light and Berries of Harmony Light. Also, a large part of the DREAMON customers chooses monochrome bedding. According to the designer, in this case it is very important to choose the right colour: “Surrounded by our favourite colours we fall asleep faster and feel better when we wake up,” – she adds.

Packaging to Complement Its Contents

Good bedding set is a great gift for yourself and an absolute investment in quality rest. In fact, it can also become an unexpected and valuable gift for a family member, friend or colleague. That's why DREAMON made sure that not only the content of the gift, but also its cover was special:

“When designing our bedding packaging, we made every effort to make our product feel like a gift. For this reason, the packaging is precise, with a little bit of gloss that emphasizes exclusivity and quality”, – notes D. Stankevičienė.

Each DREAMON collection has its own representation colour band: Comfort – green with silver stripes, Kids – lilac, Luxury – luxury blue with bronze. The Flax collection is packed in cardboard boxes, keeping the trend of a completely natural product. Actually, on the occasion of the great yearly holidays DREAMON's production is packed in luxury boxes with satin ribbons: “We make sure that our customer doesn't have to worry about gift wrapping,” – adds Deimantė Stankevičienė.


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