Winter Tale

Colors and color-related pleasant sensations often are lead by sentiments and nostalgia. Why not revive our memories and imagination-cultivating feelings in the most important room of our house - our bedroom? “Dreamon” winter collection features the nature that touches our most sensitive feelings with its power.

Today we are moving in such rapid pace that sometimes it feels that Friday comes straight after Monday. We even can’t believe how fast the seasons change - we impatiently wait for summer during winter, dream about winter while summer approaches, autumn makes us think about spring. Seasons change, so as the color palette in our home interior. This way we travel through life and the year more harmoniously. According to the interior designer Eglė Jagelavičiūtė, deep, bit darker and more vibrant color tones during winter are more common to use not by chance. “While running not only through the seasons of the year but also through the trendiest interior tendencies, we always try to highlight boldness and creativeness. Furthermore, we are not afraid to feature the combinations of colors that may seem absolutely not matching at first sight, but supplementing each other at the second,” says the designer.

All of us most probably have the coziest place filled with tranquility for resting after a hard day at home, and usually, it is nothing else than a bedroom. It’s the room where every interior detail matters as it may help us to relax or… disturb. One of these necessary details is a bedding set that cheers us up every morning and lets us dive into the dreams in the evenings. We feel its quality and features every time we touch it. So, what or who may be more suitable to lead us through our past and the most beautiful memories, future, and dreams? Who could better remind us about the green forests, blooming flowers, a smell of rain and tranquility that sometimes is just around the corner… “Dreamon” uses its winter collection to invite us to travel through the summer and the loveliest places surrounded by nature. The brand new collection reflects the integrity and the beauty of natural things. That’s why two main colors have been chosen: dark green one reminding conifer trees combined with animal print, and rich red color of poinsettia combined with a light print of feathers. “While choosing the bedding set made of the natural fabrics and certain colors, it is easy to come closer to nature and revive it at home. Only a few things are needed: learn to decorate and choose colors according to our mood,” shares E. Jagelavičiūtė, the interior designer.

Nowadays luxurious materials such as marble, gold or velvet get more and more popular in creating interiors, and the details become even more important - they help in finishing up the interior and making it integral and substantial. One of the features for “finishing up” is “king” of sophistication - a satin bedding set.

According to the interior specialists, the combination of deep, dark and pastel tones is the hottest trend today. Such a combination applies especially for bedrooms that have patterned walls. One more thing that makes “Dreamon” unique is being natural. All the products are made from 100% cotton and linen materials. Natural fabrics know how to adapt to our body like nothing else, and since they breathe, thermoregulatory processes proceed automatically. This way there’s any chance you feel too hot or too cold during the night. However, have in mind that bedding sets also should be chosen to have in mind the season. As we wear puffer jackets during the winter, there are also bedding set alternatives for cold and warm seasons of the year.


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