As from 2020-04-20, the title to the “Dreamon“ trademark and all rights to this e-store were transferred by “Imlitex Textile“, UAB, legal entity code 125774079, company address: Europos av. 124, Kaunas, Lithuania, to UAB “Dreamonhome“, legal entity code 305501025 company address: Europos av. 124, Kaunas, Lithuania.

When transferring the title and ownership, “Imlitex Textile“ UAB did not transfer any personal data (such as its customer lists or information about purchases made prior to the transfer date) to the new owner (data processor).

“Imlitex Textile“, UAB warrants the goods purchased prior to the change of ownership, so if you have any questions regarding the quality of the goods purchased before 2020-04-15 or would like to return them, please contact “Imlitex Textile“, UAB, by e-mail Inquiries received by UAB “Dreamonhome“ e-mail regarding the warranty for goods purchased before 2020-04-15 will be forwarded to “Imlitex Textile“, UAB.

About us

DREAMON - home textile brand which brought together: long-cherished quality, innovative production technologies and unique designs. Our long time experience in the textile sector inspired us to create a brand which would fill a sense of impeccable quality and stylish details full of perfect color combinations in the coziest places of your home. DREAMON will touch you every time when enter into the dream and become your sweet sleep attendant.